Estancia Valley Economic Development Association: Soaring to New Heights


Sierra Blanca Brewery on the Rise

Estancia Valley Economic Development Association (EVEDA) is dedicated to achieving economic growth and prosperity in our region. We are committed to providing a great customer experience for companies considering Estancia Valley as the place to establish their operations.

We are proud to announce that Estancia Valley is reaching new heights both literally and figuratively. EVEDA has created a new support program called “We’re Soaring” to better inform potential businesses about our successes and promote a region on the rise. “We’re Soaring” is designed to help potential businesses easily assess the attributes and resources offered by our region and better understand our diverse communities, businesses and residents via a bold, new website, informative video, latest news posts and insightful blogs.

The look and feel of these tools positively reflect our rich traditions and bright future. We share how local businesses are growing in Estancia Valley and that we have room for new businesses to expand here with us.

We share how Estancia Valley is taking education to a higher level and preparing our students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

We tout how our residents make the Estancia Valley special. Events, festivals and magnificent surroundings provide countless opportunities to experience and explore. Numerous residential options make the Estancia Valley the perfect choice for any family to live.

The new EVEDA website, designed by The Idea Group of Santa Fe LLC and programmed by Cirrillian Web Development, reflects the unique attributes Estancia Valley has to offer businesses and residents and provides real-time access to important site selection data and incentives.

EVEDA-logo-Bolder2Our new logo (left), designed by Shebang Creative, symbolizes a community on the rise.
A new video titled “Estancia Valley is Soaring,” produced by The Idea Group and Shebang, is designed to showcase regional assets and attributes. In just a few minutes it visually conveys how much Estancia Valley has to offer new businesses and residents.

At Estancia Valley Economic Development Association, we’re ready to make your company soar! Call us today to learn how. We invite you to contact EVEDA Executive Director, Myra Pancrazio, at (505) 832-5428 or (505) 252-0252, e-mail for more information.